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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Backstage at the 2011 Gold Coast Fashion Show

The talented Michael & Michael team create a "glam bang" runway look for the Gold Coast Fashion Show -- check out the team at work backstage!

The 56th Annual Gold Coast Fashion Award Show from Fig Media on Vimeo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Milan Fashion Week 2010

Michael Jacobson was recently asked to join the artistic team for Giorgio Armani's shows in Milan Fashion Week. Michael & Michael packed their bags and were off to Italy!

And so it begins! Milan Fashion Week 2010

Setup and rehearsal for C'N'C Costume National fashion show - set in front of the Duomo di Milano! Breathtaking.

Design Show at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Backstage at Design Show/Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

The Armani Hair Team gather outside of Armani Teatro for Emporio Armani show rehearsals

Michael chats with other members of the artistic team...
...then the team heads inside to get started!
The Armani Teatro -- after huge garage door entrance is sealed behind all "credentialed" hair team members -- leaving only one poor yellow-sneakered interloper! (who actually turned out to be part of the team afterall).

Stay tuned for more updates. Ciao!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Exciting New Products From Milbon!

We are excited to announce the arrival of several new, cutting-edge products from Milbon, Japan's top haircare brand!

Milbon's latest styling line, Prejume, features a range of milks and waxes to meet various styling needs. Prejume milks create frizz-free shine, styles with movement, and natural, easy waves. Prejume styling waxes provide different levels of hold and texture, with a non-sticky feel that remains workable even after applied.

InPhenom is Milbon's new in-salon treatment, designed for post-color application. Repair your hair from the inside out with this quick, five-step treatment. Hair is first prepared for treatment product, then the inner cortex and cuticle of hair are repaired, allowing for deep moisture penetration. Next, a ceramide polymer seal is applied to the hair to lock repairing ingredients inside. A final step restores the lipid coat to the surface of the hair for shine and smoothness. After the brief fifteen minute application, your color will look more vibrant, and hair will regain a healthy feel and bounce.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Healthy Summer Hair, Gorgeous Summer Color

Keeping your hair healthy and your color from fading in the summer sun can be a challenge.

Here are a few tips for keeping your hair looking its best:

First, it is essential that you use color safe hair products – especially shampoo and conditioner. The high-end lines we carry are predominantly color-safe. The vast majority of drugstore brands are not. Regardless of where you purchase, look for sulfate-free and sulfide-free products, which means there are less damaging cleansing agents. As a general rule, stay away from products with a high alcohol content. You may also want to consider paraben-free products, which are gentler on the hair and scalp. We carry two organic lines, No.4 and Onesta, which are free of all parabens, sulfates/sulfides, and other harmful chemicals and harsh cleansing agents. Spend the money on good products that won’t strip your color and will keep your hair healthy. After all, if you’re spending money on your color, you should also spend some money to protect it. Your colorist can recommend what products will be best for you.

Second, consider using a UVA/UVB protection spray during the summer months, especially if you’ll be spending extended time in the sun (swimming, boating, playing tennis, etc). Protecting your hair on a daily basis will go a long way in preserving your color. I recommend No.4 Super Comb Prep & Protect, or a light coating of Coppola Keratin Complex Infusion, which fills the cuticle with keratin (a type of protein). This forms a shield to protect the deeper part in the hair cortex, where the color is deposited. I recommend throwing one of these products in your beach bag and combing it through your hair a couple times a day when you’re spending the day in the sun. And, of course, if you really want to protect your hair, consider wearing a hat or scarf when in the sun for an extended time.

Regardless of how careful you are, by summer’s end your hair will undoubtedly need a boost. We offer protein, moisture and keratin treatments that can significantly help restore depleted hair, by infusing it with omega-3 fatty acids and other important nutrients to bring back bounce and shine. The very cautious may even opt to receive these treatments periodically throughout the summer to keep hair healthy and looking good. Consult with your colorist or stylist for a plan that’s best for you.

When coloring your hair in the summer months, here are a few low-maintenance trends to consider:

If you typically receive a “single-process” (all-over color), consider asking your colorist not to pull color through to the ends when doing touch-ups in the summer. This will create a brighter, slightly lighter tone of your existing base color. Be sure to ask your colorist to watch the tone, so that as color fades, it doesn’t appear too ashy or brassy. Opting not to pull color through to the ends in the summer does two things: One, it saves you money on color maintenance. Two, it gives your hair an interesting dimension that makes your summertime look exciting and fresh!

An exciting new trend in color is “ombre” hair. This look is achieved by gradually lightening sections of the hair, to achieve a dark-at-the-root to light-at-the-ends appearance. Ask your colorist if this new technique will work for your look.

Remember to have fun with your hair this summer! Try tweaking your current look, keep hair protected and healthy, and you’ll reap the rewards come fall.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Be a Curl's Best Friend

Having trouble with those curls turning to frizz in Chicago summer humidity? A few simple tips will help you stave off the frizz on even the muggiest of days. First, don’t over condition –too much conditioner weighs down curls and depletes shine. Second, the real trick to beautiful curls is in the styling and finishing of the hair. Here’s how:

Gently towel-dry by squeezing excess water from the hair. Take care not to overdry or rough up the hair too much, because this can cause frizz (your hair should still feel fairly wet, but not dripping).

Apply a lightweight, cream-based product to towel dried hair and give your curls a light scrunch from ends up. Products we love are Prive Curl Activating Cream, MoroccanOil Curl Cream, and Oribe Curl by Definition. Let hair air dry completely or dry it using a bowl-shaped diffuser, from the ends up, being careful not to disturb the curl (the more you move curl while drying, the more frizz you’ll have). To further define curl, you can also wrap individual sections of hair around a finger, then let hair dry in place undisturbed.

When curl is completely dry, apply a small amount of moisture-based pomade on the edges and gently run fingers through your hair, or simply spread the curl out from root to ends. Pomades we recommend are Milbon Magic Move “Light” and Shinbi Spice Sisters Wave Style. It’s important to remember that curls set as they dry, and shouldn’t be spread out until completely dry. (Trying to achieve volume before the curls have dried will just create more frizz.)

On the days you need extra protection against frizz, consider finishing your dried curls with an anti-humidity spray, such as Oribe Impermeable.

Throw your favorite pomade in your purse, and re-apply small amounts on the ends throughout the day if the frizz starts to creep up!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Perfect Hair for Weddings and Summer Parties

When dressing for special events and parties, remember that your hair is as much of an accessory as your belt and shoes – and probably more important - in either bringing together – or confusing -- your overall look. Your hair should always be consistent with and complement the essence of what you are wearing. Too often, I see women approach their hairstyle entirely separate and apart from what they’re wearing. The absolute worst thing you can do – whether going out to a club or something more formal – is to throw a big jaw clip in your pulled back or piled up hair! This is NEVER OK! Your hair should always elevate your look, not detract from it. All a sloppy jaw clip says is “I spent a lot of time finding the perfect dress, but couldn’t care less about my hair . . .”

Of course, different occasions call for different looks. Casual summer parties may call for easy, relaxed hair, while something more structured and formal might be appropriate for a black tie event or wedding. For instance, the classic, more formal French twist almost never looks quite right with a summery garden party dress and sandals. However, it becomes stylish and effortless when paired with a fabulous evening gown for a dressy gala.

However, even hair for formal occasions like weddings or black-tie events doesn’t have to be uptight and traditional anymore. Try a messy upstyle or add some extra wave for a looser, less “done” look. The more formal the event, though, the more I recommend having your hair done professionally. For in-salon styles, always let your stylist know what kind of event you’re attending and what you are wearing, so he or she can give you just the right look.

For more casual events where you plan on doing your own hair, keep it simple. Pulling your hair back into a low, soft and loose bun (chignon) may be a good choice. For straight, longer hair, a small braid in the front bang area pinned back with simple bobby pin or festive hairpin can also be a good look (think Jennifer Aniston).

You could also try a messy (back combed) pony at either mid-head or nape, with lots of volume in the crown, tight on the sides, and a low side-swept bang. Browse through fashion magazines (and even celebrity rags!) for ideas you like and can easily imitate at home.

Just remember, it’s about the whole look. Match your hairstyle with the occasion, don’t compete with your wardrobe, and have fun with the process. Your hair is your most important accessory, so make sure it looks as fabulous as you feel!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Recessionistas Unite! Hair Tips for a Tough Economy

Beauty treatments can often be the first things to go when watching your budget, and I am often asked what a clientl can do to save money and still look their best.

First, I always think a good cut is worth paying for because the shape grows out much better and can last longer -- allowing you to significantly extend the time between cuts. Do some research online and talk to friends to find the best salon in your area. Go to one of those top salons -- even if you see the least expensive stylist or colorist, they will be talented if the salon has a serious training program.

If you can't stomach the price tag for even a junior stylist at a top salon, here's another option -- find out if the salon offers workshops as part of their training program for stylists and colorists. Advanced workshops in serious salons are supervised and taught by senior stylists with years of experience. Those salons are always looking for workshop models, and the cost is nominal -- usually between $10 and $20. You'll still walk out with a better cut or color than you would get at a salon of lesser quality.

Color clients have additional options when trying to economize, but should proceed with caution! Clients who get highlights often ask me if switching to a single process will save them money, thinking that a lighter all-over color will be less maintenance. I don't recommend this! By definition, a single process colors ALL the hair on your head, instead of the placed foils used with highlights. Doing a single in this case is a BAD idea, because you will lose the dimension that highlights create, and you'll run the risk of your color turning "brassy." In addition, a single process doesn't lift the color (lighten) the way highlights do, and the outgrowth is more noticeable, creating a more intense line near your scalp. This will require more frequent touch-ups, which in the long run will cost you more money.

Here's what I suggest for clients looking to get more bang for their buck out of highlights: Ask for a partial highlight, or just ask your colorist to put a few foils around the face and at the hairline. You can alternate at appointments between just a "touch up" of foils and a proper partial or full highlight. This will extend the time between appointments, and still keep you looking great!

Tightening your purse strings never means you can't look and feel great!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sexy Hair for Spring

This spring, shorter textured cuts are in - still balanced, blended and feminine, but with a little rock star thrown in. Hair that is too long, flat, and straight is definitely out. Think choppier layers, still with some length, not too clean, but not too messy either. This slightly shaggier look, when done right, still reads as completely feminine and playful. (Kristen Stewart)

Even classic shorter cuts like the bob and pixie can still be in and edgy - with a couple of twists.

Consider updating your bob by adding a razored or more textured finish. For a shorter bob, the length should land at the jaw line (Katie Holmes). A longer bob should skim the shoulder (Heidi Kluhm). To create some drama, add bangs to either length bob - this will pop the eyes and cheekbones and create a really sexy, flirty look (Rhianna).

To transform the short pixie, add a longer asymmetrical bang. This softer, but still dramatic, look will also bring out the eyes and cheek bones (Keira Knightley).

Determining which shorter, edgier shape is right for you, ultimately depends on your face shape, neck length and overall head shape. And make sure your stylist knows the difference between drama (Victoria Beckham) and disaster (Kate Gosselin: pre-extensions)!

--Michael Jacobson

Friday, February 26, 2010

Furry Friends: Hair Grooming 101 For Men

Complete grooming for the modern, stylish man goes well beyond getting a good haircut and shaving your face. Too often, men overlook the importance of also maintaining the hair on the rest of their bodies. As men age, they often start to lose hair on their head while at the same time seeing hair grow more in places where they don’t want it – the nose, ears, eyebrows, neck and back. Chest hair, too, and become unruly and need trimming. It is just as important to manage excess body hair as it is the thinning hair on your head.

To look your best, follow these grooming tips.

(1) Thinning Hair. Don’t kid yourself – cut it off. Growing thinning hair longer only accentuates it and makes the scalp look more bare. NEVER try to hide it with a combover or any other “combing trick” you may come up with! This makes hair loss even more noticeable. Keeping the hair shorter on top with the sides and back high and tight, actually makes the hair look thicker. Creating a square shape cut also makes the face shape appear more square which tends to look thinner and younger. Hair products can also help. XFusion is a hair powder made up of organic keratin fibers that can hide the scalp and help thinning hair look thicker and fuller. A very light pomade or gel works best to style thinning hair. Be careful, though, not to use too much gel or pomade as this clumps hair together and exposes the scalp more.

(2) Maintain the sideburn. Sideburns affect the overall shape of the hair cut and face shape and should be cut at approximately mid ear depending on ear size and face shape – not too long and not too short. To maintain the length when shaving, turn your head to the side, place razor straight and then down stroke. Turning your head to the side ensures keeping the razor straight so you won’t cut the sideburn at an angle.

(3) Nose and Ears. There is nothing more unattractive than sprouts coming out of your nose and ears! Get a good nose/ear trimmer and trim both areas as often as you shave.

(4) Trim your bushy brows. Your stylist should trim your brows as part of your haircut. To do it yourself, comb the brow down and while holding the comb flat against your head, clip any hair that comes through the comb.

(5) Don’t’ look like a Bear. Too much hair on the back and chest is not a good thing. Especially if you’re spending any time at the beach. Invest in a clipper with a guard like the one’s a barber may use. You should shave the hair short(cropped) but don’t shave it off (unless you are in great shape and have the pecs and abs to show off) No shiny bellies or man boobs please! Use the #3 guard on the chest and #1 on the back. Waxing is an option for your back, but it can be painful, expensive and cause irritation resulting in in-grown hairs that can become infected resembling acne. If you go the waxing route, see a licensed professional.

Most of the overall grooming listed above can be done by your stylist or barber (excepting nose, back & chest) and simply maintained by you in between visits. Your stylist should cut your brows down, clean hair from ears, trim and shape sideburns and shave the neck. The rest, is up to you.